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Bermula dengan Mahyuddin kalau esuk

Dijawab oleh Ahmad Maslan esuk tak mungkin 

Diwar warkan pula oleh Mahathir 

Jawapannya Pilihanraya merupakan option najib mengekalkan kuasa dalam masa terdekat 

Ini jelas pula apabila Pandikar Amin mulia mencela amalan Democracy dengan hujah 

" Emphasising the different cultural and political idiosyncrasies of each member country of the United Nations, the speaker of the Malaysian parliament said democracy is a relative term and there is no clear definition about it. "

Maknanya SPR tidak perlu mengikut amalan democracy diterima pakai seantara dunia dan sekali pun Malaysia dibawah naugan Bangsa bangsa Bersatu

Sejauh mana  Rakyat dapat menentukan pilihanraya diadakan dengan bersih nampaknya akan menjadi igauan ngeri 

Kempen memdapat persetejuan kuasa kuasa barat akan modus operandi pilihanraya malaysia yang akan dinoda dengan tipu daya giat dilobby dengan persetujuan kuasa dunia barat kena terima cara UMNO menjalankan pilihanraya dan cuba meyakinkan dunia bahawa mereka ada majority .

Abu Zahar Ujang mungkin tekan pil kuda menegaskan perlu ada reform dalam bangsa bangsa bersatu pe

“The basic principles of democracy, the voices of majority, should be respected and preserved,” Abu Zahar 

Sedarkah dia BN memerintah tanpa asas ini tetapi Gerry Mandering. Sedarkah dia dalam Democracy yang diamalkan oleh Parti politik Malaysia tidak satu pun diterima pakai sebagai pemilihan yang bersih 

Rakyat Tahu dan sedar  tetapi  apakah yang rakyat boleh lakukan untuk mendapatkan statesman dan parlimentarian  yang benar bersih  PAS pun dinoda dengan pulus dan tuduhon dan tomahan fitnah semat mata mahu menang di pemilihan 

Sedarkah rakyat wang jutaan ringgit rakyat akan digunakan semata mata oleh mereka yang  mahu berkuasa pada masa terdekat ini .

Adakah negara ini diambang kehancuran, Merdeka seolah olah tiada maknanya untuk diraikan . Bolasepak Negara kalau kena 21 - 0 sekali pun tiada yang peduli 

Isnin, 20 Julai 2015

I have to translate it in a layman term prefer in Bahasa

Why we say the US$1.83 billion 1 Malaysia Development Bhd invested in Petro Saudi International between 2009 and 2011 was a scheme to defraud Malaysia

Key Points:
1. The joint-venture agreement was signed on Sept 28, 2009. The terms include 1MDB contributing US$1.0 billion cash for a 40% stake in the JV Co called 1MDB PetroSaudi Ltd. PetroSaudi Holdings Cayman will put in assets worth US$2.7 billion. The JV Co will be valued at US$2.5 billion with PetroSaudi Holdings’ 60% stake derived  from assets it will inject into the JV Co.

2. The valuation of the assets that PetroSaudi Holdings will put in was done by one Edward Morse who was hired by PetroSaudi and work was done within days. Morse was issued his appointment letter on Sept 20, 2009 and submitted his report on Sept 29, 2009 — a day after the JV was signed. He valued the Turkmenistan assets at US$3.5 billion and the Argentinian assets at US$108 million.

3. PetroSaudi Holdings never owned the Turkmenistan assets that were to be injected into the JV Co. Those assets were owned by Buried Hill Energy (Cyprus) Co Limited. PetroSaudi Holdings was only in negotiation to buy the assets from Buried Hill. They signed a negotiation agreement on July 4, 2009 and this was eventually terminated on Nov 23, 2009.

4. 1MDB did not hire its own independent valuer to do the valuation. 1MDB management did not comply with a decision of its own board of directors to do an independent valuation.

5. PetroSaudi Holdings committed FRAUD by selling assets which it did not own into the JV Co.

6. Lawyers for 1MDB, Wong & Partners, as well as the 1MDB board of directors were not given the valuation report by Edward Morse until after Sept 30, 2009 — two days after the JV agreement was signed.

7. When the deposit money of US$7.1 million paid to Buried Hill was returned after the negotiation was cancelled, the cash was not returned to the JV Co but to PetroSaudi Holdings. This deposit money should have been returned to the JV Co as it formed part of the assets sold by PetroSaudi Holdings to the JV Co.

8. There was also FRAUD in the creation of a fake US$700 million loan from PetroSaudi Holdings to the JV Co. These are the evidence of fraud:

a) There was no corresponding cash in the JV Co or any of its subsidiaries on or after Sept 25, 2009 (the date the loan agreement was signed). But a letter of demand dated Sept 29, 2009 from PetroSaudi Holdings was sent to the JV Co to pay the loan.

b) From the US$1 billion cash that 1MDB remitted for the JV, US$700 million was paid directly from 1MDB to Good Star Limited instead of the supposed lender PetroSaudi Holdings.

c) The scheme to scam US$700 million from 1MDB was discussed as “over payment” in various email exchanges and attachments between Jho Low and his associates Seet Li Lin, Tiffany Heah, with PetroSaudi executives Patrick Mahony and Tarek Obaid between Sept 11, 2009 and the signing of the JV on Sept 28, 2009.

d) Timothy Buckland (from the UK law firm of White & Case which represented PetroSaudi Holdings) admitted in an email to Charlie Sparrow of PetroSaudi Holdings and copied to Mahony that the letter of demand for repayment of the US$700 million loan was not needed but only “necessary for your docs to legitimise prepayment”.

e) The board of directors of 1MDB was not told about this “loan” prior to the signing of the JV on Sept 28, 2009.

9. The remittance of the US$700 million from 1MDB to Good Star at its bank account at RBS Coutts (Zurich) approved by then 1MDB CEO Sharol Halmi was done without the consent of the 1MDB board of directors which had approved payment of the entire US$1 billion directly to the bank account of the JV Co at JP Morgan Suisse (SA). Two directors of 1MDB Mohd Bakke Salleh and Azlan Zainol resigned because of this payment of US$700 million to Good Star.

10. This transfer of the US$700 million was also a breach of the approval given by Bank Negara Malaysia for 1MDB to remit US$1 billion for the JV. BNM approved payment to the account of the JV Co at JP Morgan Suisse (SA) and not to anyone else.

Why we say Good Star was controlled by Jho Low at the time 1MDB transferred US$700 million

Key Points:

1. 1MDB’s lawyers Wong & Partners, had questioned why the US$700 million was to be paid to Good Star Limited and not to the “lender” PetroSaudi Holdings Cayman. Patrick Mahony, the CEO of the JV Co, said that they were all part of the same company. He lied.

2. 1MDB had on Sept 29, 2009 remitted US$700 million to account number 11116073 at RBS Coutts Zurich. The Malaysian remittance bank was Deutsche Bank Malaysia. RBS Coutts’ risk and compliance unit wanted to know the beneficial owner of the account and then 1MDB CEO Shahrol Halmi replied that it was Good Star Limited.

3. Email communication between the banks and 1MDB on this payment was forwarded to Jho Low by 1
executive director Casey Tang.

4. Good Star executed an agreement on Sept 30, 2009  to pay  PetroSaudi Holdings’ executive and shareholder Tarek Obaid US$85 million as broker fee. If Good Star was part of PetroSaudi why was there a need to do this?

5. Good Star signed a draft investment management agreement with another PetroSaudi executive Patrick Mahony on Sept 29, 2009. The chief investment officer of Good Star in the agreement was Seet Li Lin, an employee of Jho Low at Jynwell Capital. The metadata of this document in an email attachment showed Jho Low to be the last person to save this file on Oct 1, 2009.

6. On July 21, 2010, Jho Low emailed to Mahony’s Good Star bank account details at RBS Coutts in Zurich to receive part of the US$500 million that was to come from the Murabaha notes 1MDB was to subscribe.

7. On Sept 13, 2010, Jho Low emailed again to Mahony asking him to remit the money to Good Star.

8. Between June 2011 and September 2013, Good Star remitted a total of US$529 million in several transfers to a bank account at the Swiss private bank BSI in Singapore that belonged to Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Malaysia Investment Corp (ADKMIC).

9. Jho Low has been identified as the beneficial owner of that bank account which was closed in February, 2014.

10. Jho Low had declared himself as a shareholder of ADKMIC when he was involved in the acquisition of the then Bursa Malaysia-listed UBG Bhd in 2010.

Who got what and the trail of international money laundering
Key Findings:

1. Good Star Limited received in total about US$970 million from the US$1.83 billion that 1MDB invested with PetroSaudi Holdings Cayman between 2009 and 2011. From this amount of US$970 million, US$529 million went to the bank account of Abu Dhabi Kuwait Malaysia Investment Corp (ADKMIC) at BIS Bank in Singapore. Jho Low was the beneficial owner of that account.

2. Javace Sdn Bhd, the company that Jho Low used in the 2010 takeover of UBG Bhd, received US$260 million via a loan from PetroSaudi International Seychelles. That money was transferred from the JP Morgan bank account of Tarek Obaid which he received from the US$500 million Murabaha notes subscribed by 1MDB in Sept, 2010. (See The Money Trail Flow Chart)

3. Besides the US$260 million, Tarek Obaid received in total another  US$240 million from 1MDB.  From this, US$77 million was paid to his partner at PetroSaudi, Prince Turki, US$33 million to Patrick Mahony and US$1.0 million to Nawaf Obaid. (See Money Trail Flow Chart).

4. Various PetroSaudi companies received around US$330 million, of which US$185 million was used to buy a drill ship.

5. Some of the money received by these individuals were  used for their personal investments. For example, Mahony used US$10 million (6.5 million pounds) to buy a house in his home country the United Kingdom. (See Money Trail Flow Chart)

6.  All these point to a clear case of fraud and international money laundering. 1MDB’s money went from Malaysia to Switzerland via US clearing banks and then to the United Kingdom, the UAE and Singapore.

7. What happened to 1MDB’s money is no longer a domestic issue but is a global fraud and money laundering matter involving the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore. Global banks like JP Morgan, RBS Coutts, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, BSI and others have all been channels for the money flow.

Covering the US$2.23 billion hole (Original US$1.83 billion cash & US$400 million paper profit) hidden as units in the Cayman SPC via the US$2.23 billion payment to retire the Aabar options

Key Findings:

1.  With the US$1.83 billion cash 1MDB invested with PetroSaudi Holdings Cayman all gone, how then can it cover the hole plus the so-called US$400 million in declared profit that it was supposed to have made?

2. By 2012, all the US$2.23 billion was captured as Murabaha notes issued by PetroSaudi. It was later “redeemed” for a 49% stake in PetroSaudi Oil Services Ltd (PSOSL).

3. On Sept 12, 2012, 1MDB “sold” this 49% interest in PSOSL to Bridge Partners International Investment Ltd for US$2.32 billion.  Bridge Partners International did not pay cash but issued promissory notes as payment.

4. On the same day, 1MDB through its subsidiary Brazen Sky Ltd, invested these US$2.32 billion of promissory notes in a fund called Bridge Global Absolute Return Fund SPC which was managed by Bridge Partners Investment Manager (Cayman). According to its prospectus, the fund makes high risk investments and investors can lose all its money.

5. The actual value of the US$2.32 billion kept in the SPC was unverifiable and the dispute 1MDB had with its then external auditor over this was the reason why KPMG was sacked for refusing to sign off the accounts for FY March 31, 2014.

6. Throughout 2013 and 2014, 1MDB’s board of directors had pressed its management to redeem the money from Cayman, because it was getting worried over the increased scrutiny by its external auditors.

7. Disputes and disagreements between 1MDB and Ernst & Young and then KPMG were primarily over the inability of 1MDB and Bridge Partners Investment Manager to provide enough proof that the fund was worth the US$2.32 billion ascribed to it or that they were readily realisable to be categorised as Available-For-Sale Investments in the audited accounts.

8. Subsequent to this, Aabar Investments stepped in to guarantee Bridge Partners International’s US$2.32 billion debt to 1MDB held as units in the Cayman SPC.

Covering The Hole:

1. In 2012, the International Petroleum Investment Corp (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi was given an option to subscribe to 49% of the future listing of the power assets owned by 1MDB. This 10-year option, which was later transferred to IPIC’s associate Aabar Investments, was for co-guaranteeing two bonds totalling US$3.5 billion that 1MDB issued.

2. In May, 2014,  1MDB and Aabar signed an agreement to terminate the options. This was stated in Page 172 of 1MDB’s FY2014 accounts but no details were given.

3. In page 169 of the FY2014 accounts, it was stated that 1MDB had obtained a bridging loan of US$250 million to buy back the options.

4. In page 171, it was stated that on Sept 2, 2014, Aabar had written to 1MDB that it wished to terminate the options according to the terms set out in the agreement signed in May. Again, no details were given.

5. 1MDB has never given out enough details of the terms and costs of terminating the Aabar options. But 1MDB appeared to have paid Aabar the following as termination costs:
i) US$250 million paid in May, 2014
ii) US$975 million paid in September, 2014 via a Deutsche Bank loan
iii) US$993 million paid in November, 2014 via a partial redemption of the Cayman SPC funds.

6. This adds up to a total of US$2.22 billion.

7. The scheme to cover the US$2.32 billion hole at the Cayman SPC is by paying Aabar US$2.22 billion as option termination fee. Aabar then passes the money to the Cayman SPC from which 1MDB would then be able to redeem the money, thus covering the money that was already gone.

8. The termination fee totalling US$2.22 billion that 1MDB paid to Aabar between May and November, 2014 was, however, not reflected in the FY December, 2014 of IPIC (which owns 100% of Aabar) as income or revenue. There were no such entries in IPIC’s accounts. This reinforces our analysis that the termination fees paid to Aabar were in reality used to cover the hole at the Cayman SPC.

How Jho Low & associates made RM1.0 billion through a series of transactions involving Putrajaya Perdana Bhd, Loh & Loh Corp Bhd and UBG Bhd financed partly by using US$260 million of 1MDB’s money

Key Findings:

1. Between 2008 and 2010, Jho Low (pic)made RM166 million entering and exiting listed companies like Putrajaya Perdana Bhd, Loh & Loh Corp Bhd and another RM350 million through the injection of a piece of land he owned in Medini, Iskandar to UBG Bhd via an asset management company called Unity Capital.

2. In September, 2010, a Jho Low-controlled company called Javace Sdn Bhd made a RM1.4 billion offer to take over UBG. This was financed by a RM700 million bank loan and a US$260 million loan from PetroSaudi International Seychelles through Tarek Obaid’s bank account. That US$260 million came from the subscription by 1MDB to murabaha notes totalling US$500 million issued that same month by PetroSaudi.

3. After the takeover by Javace, UBG had  these assets (i) Putrajaya Perdana that was worth around RM680 million (ii) Loh & Loh which was worth RM330 million, (iii) Unity Capital with a carrying value of RM315 million and (iv) cash of RM82 million.

4. In September, 2012, UBG sold Putrajaya Perdana to Cendana Destini Sdn Bhd for RM240 million (a discount of RM440 million). It also sold Loh & Loh to Selesa Produktif  Sdn Bhd for RM260 million (a discount of RM70 million).

5. It wrote down the cash and investment totalling RM397 million to RM200 million.

6. Cendana Destini and Selesa Produktif  were set up by the same secretarial services company (B&M Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd) which also set up other companies that Jho Low owned. These include Javace Sdn Bhd, Majestic Masterpiece Sdn Bhd and Wynton Private Equity Sdn Bhd. All five companies have registered offices at the Petronas Twin Towers and they have the same company secretary Lim Poh Seng.

7. B&M Consultancy is tied to Wong & Partners, the principal  legal firm of  Jho Low and 1MDB.

8. The buyers of Putrajaya Perdana and Loh & Loh made a gain of RM510 million at the expense of UBG. Tabung Haji subsequently bought a 30% stake in Putrajaya Perdana in 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

9. In 2014, Javace and UBG were wound up and Javace wrote off its entire investment in UBG after paying the RM700 million bank loan.

10. The impairment of RM750 million taken by Javace is the same amount as the US$260 million of 1MDB’s cash from the murabaha notes issued by PetroSaudi.  The impairment allowed the de-linking of 1MDB’s money with gains enjoyed by the new shareholders of Putrajaya Perdana and Loh & Loh. Who are these people?

Note from the publisher:

We have in this report, which is possibly the last on this subject, laid out all the key facts about what happened during the three-year business ties between 1MDB and PetroSaudi International — especially what happened to the US$1.83 billion of real cash invested by 1MDB.
Our report is based on evidence corroborated by documents that include bank transfers and statements. There is no space to publish everything and, indeed, some material cannot be published.

We will now be handing over these printed documents and the hard disk that contains them to the investigators. We will assist the investigators in any way we can to get to the bottom of what had happened.

We have a duty to find and report the truth. Our reports on 1MDB had exposed  how a group of individuals — Malaysians and foreigners — schemed a multi-billion ringgit fraud against the people of Malaysia.
How can the work that we have done be deemed as a political conspiracy?


Selasa, 23 Jun 2015


Hakikat sebenar Politik Malaysia hasil output post PRU 13 ialah keluhan , kambing hitam ,persepsi , harapan dan kemusnahan

Mutakhir mangsa ialah PAS dan dijangka yang terakhir sekali UMNO , MIC sedang dan masih bergolak Solusi PASMA G18 UG dan MAHATHIRISMA . PAKATAN RAKYAT BARU

Tetapi apakah hakikat sebenarnya , hakikat sebenarnya ialah  they are all loser , BN did not win PRU 13 neither did PAKATAN. Senario sama dalam apa apa pertadingan contoh adat perlawanan bola yang finalnya sepakan penalty hanya kemenangan 1 gol sahaja, anda  akan melihat satu komen perubahan dan andaiaan bermacam macam pada dua dua belah pasukan  Striker tak betul, Defend tak mantap , refereee berat sebelah , goalkeeper makan rasuah , bookie atur game .coach kena tukar , manager makan duitlah dan  akan timbul macam macam teori . semua mengeluarkan teori mereka tapi bukan melihat kelemahan mereka sendiri .

Tidak kah anda melihat tidak seorang pun mahupun Diego AI Maradona mahu mengaku kalah atau sedar mereka tidak releven lagi baik Hadi baik Najib baik Mat Sabu baik siapa pun not even One of the leaders admit they fail to grab the best change they had  . Anwar pada saya hikmahnya bernasib baik Allah selamatkan dia . Segala gundah gulana ethnis cleansing yang berlaku bila dia keluar nanti dia Clean dan tak terlibat

Azmin pusing punya pusing dapat menyalahkan  Khalid yang langsung tak terlibat merancang startegi PRU 13 ambil alih Selangor . Yang dia susun di PRU 13 prestasi hancur .Kononnya bila dia jadi MB nanti Kroni dia Di Semenyih ,Dengkil boleh menang di PRU 14 , Batang kali bagi tahu dah akan kalah tak percaya . Hakikatnya musuh utama dalam PKR dapat dipancung Khalid , saifuddin habis tinggal 3 lagi Nurul , rafizi dan Tian mana satu kena kill dulu

Paling kena Tipu YB Manickavasagam Mahu lawan UMNO mana boleh menang kalau tarok Ijok mungkin ada chan tapi apa dia nak buat lepas tu suruh lawan khalid di cabang kesian bru .but does it not strike his mind that they dont not need another indian warlord

Minta maaf lah saya duduk dalan Jawatankuasa Pilihanraya Negeri banyak yang dibuat bagi menyaring kriteria calon akhir nya semua itu mockup sahaja . Analisa saya we the rakyat have been cheated

They kept to their ideas and trying to take advantage pada Mood rakyat for change .tanpa meyedari Rakyat think better than them

Jadi haru biru, kelam kabut , Topsy Turvy , haywire ini akan berlaku dan tetap berlaku pada Pakatan Rakyat kerana satu faktor penting kerana all the General think they can win the next war tanpa meyedari the soldiers are tired and fedup with the Battle 

But I dont blame DAP to be arrogant they perform in PRU 13 and they help PAS and PKR to win too , Now  UMNO need to make belief that DAP should not help PAS and hadi did it 

So why is PASMA atau sepertnya akan dapat sambutan dan new group Otai reformasi akan mejadi wadah baru perjuangan . kerana human need new TEAM when the old team start to smell

MAHATHIRISMA ada agenda besar . agenda bermula memenjarakan ANWAR then make hadi look like fools in his HUDUD agenda . kemudiaan make the Rakyat thinks and having perception . Only he can make changes and make  better for malaysian people He is UMNO so UMNO change for the betterment of the country and stay relevent . U dont need Pakatan maybe as the opposition THIS IS THE GRAND DESIGN . but in actual fact they at their last breath .UMNO can never change is about economy . Tukar Tiub see it I think so

So Malaysian dont hope so much on
 in Clean election in PRU 14 i dont think change will come  i beleive change can only come like Hisham say

Ahad, 24 Mei 2015

Rahsia Anwar Ibrahim terbongkar, ramai orang tidak tahu

Rahsia Anwar Ibrahim terbongkar, ramai orang tidak tahu | .
Khamis, Mei 15, 2014
(Oleh Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Setiausaha Agung KEADILAN)

Saya ingin memberi reaksi serangan terbaru Dr Mahathir ke atas Anwar Ibrahim seperti dilapor Bernama bertarikh 14 Mei 2014. Saya kira Dr Mahathir melatah lagi.

Kali ini beliau menyerang Anwar Ibrahim kerana dijemput menyampaikan syarahan di Universiti Al-Azhar, Jakarta Indonesia. Bahkan penganjur yang menjemput Anwar juga diserang Dr Mahathir. Kata Dr Mahathir, Anwar tidak layak menyampaikan syarahan tentang Islam kerana moralnya rendah!

Terserlah ketakutan Mahathir
Izinkan saya menceritakan kepada Dr Mahathir yang mudah lupa, lama sebelum Anwar berkawan dengan Dr Mahathir, Anwar sudah pun mengenali dan berguru dengan Dr Yusof Qardawi, Dr Ismail Faruqi, Dr Sheikh Taha Jabir Al-Awani, Pak Natsir, Pak Hamka, Sheikh Hassan Turabi, Dr Rashid Ghanousi, Sheik Mehdi Aqif dan ramai lagi.

Anwar terlibat dengan gerakan Islam sejak zaman sekolah, mahasiswa, belia dan tidak pernah bersara hingga hari ini.

Tokoh-tokoh ilmuan dan gerakan Islam seantero dunia seperti Dr Yusof Qardawi, Dr Wahbah Zuhaily, Dr Abu Hamid Sulaiman, Dr Ahmad Totonji, Dr Tariq Suwaidan dan Dr Tariq Ramadan sentiasa mengunjungi Anwar setiap kali mereka berkesempatan datang ke Malaysia berbincang isu-isu umat sejagat.

Biarlah saya mengingatkan Dr Mahathir walau bersungguh-sungguh  beliau berusaha untuk membunuh karakter Anwar dengan fitnah liwat selama lebih 15 tahun, fitnah jijik itu tidak mampu menjauhkan tokoh-tokoh ilmuan Islam daripada Anwar.

Kalau Dr Mahathir ingin tahu apa sebabnya, jawapannya cukup terang. Islam melarang dan mengharamkan seorang muslim memfitnah saudara muslimnya yang lain dengan fitnah zina atau liwat. Dr Mahathir lah yang mereka fitnah liwat terhadap Anwar.

Namun Dr Mahathir tidak pernah berupaya menampilkan empat saksi sepertimana yang Al-Quran wajibkan. Rakan-rakan Anwar dari kalangan tokoh-tokoh Ilmuan Islam ini terus mendokong Anwar kerana kayu ukur mereka ialah Al Quran. Keyakinan mereka ialah Anwar menjadi mangsa fitnah jahat Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir sewaktu menjadi Perdana Menteri memperalatkan seluruh jentera pemerintah termasuk media, polis, peguam negara dan mahkamah untuk  melengkapkan fitnahnya terhadap Anwar.

Dipenjarakan tujuh tahun, bebas dan Anwar terus berjuang. Apakah Dr Mahathir berhasil “membunuh” Anwar? Tidak sama sekali! Kalau dahulu ketika masih berkuasa Dr Mahathir boleh sahaja menyekat dan memenjarakan Anwar. Hari ini pun kerajaan Umno/BN boleh terus menyekat Anwar menyampaikan syarahan di universiti-universiti awam dan swasta di negara kita. Kerajaan Umno/BN malah boleh mengugut mahasiswa-mahasiswa Malaysia di luar negara agar jangan mengikuti syarahan Anwar.

Namun Dr Mahathir dan kerajaan Umno/BN tidak boleh menyekat universiti-universiti terkemuka di rantau Asean, di Eropah, di Amerika Syarikat dan di Timur Tengah dari terus mengundang Anwar.

Anwar sering dijemput mengupas pelbagai tajuk menyentuh persoalan umat Islam dan dunia seluruhnya. Saya pernah bepergian bersama Anwar ketika beliau diundang menyampaikan syarahan di Mesir, Turki, Singapura, Indonesia dan banyak negara-negara lain. Siapa yang hadir mengikuti syarahan Anwar? Untuk makluman Dr Mahathir, mereka ialah menteri-menteri, tokoh-tokoh pemikir dan sarjana Islam, golongan korporat, pimpinan media, professor universiti, tokoh-tokoh ekonomi dan teknokrat.

Di Tunisia misalnya Dr Rashid Ghanousi menjemput Anwar menyampaikan pandangannya kepada seluruh ahli-ahli parlimen dan anggota jemaah menteri Tunisia. Di Turki, Perdana Menteri Tayyib Erdogan menjemput Anwar berucap di Istana Presiden mengupas topik Islam dan kebangkitan dunia Arab.

Satu ketika di Mesir seingat saya tahun 2010, Anwar dijemput menyampaikan ucaputama persidangan antarabangsa Islam dan Demokrasi. Di Singapura, bertempat di World Trade Center, ucapan Anwar pula ditujukan kepada tokoh-tokoh media dunia.

Di Indonesia pengaruh Anwar bukan kepalang. Seorang teman saya asal Bogor pernah bergurau, katanya tokoh-tokoh Indonesia saling berselisih dan berbeda pendapat antara satu sama lain, namun mereka boleh sahaja bersatu kalau mengkagumi Anwar. Pesantren, Universiti, Badan-badan pemikir dan intelektual Indonesia sering mengundang Anwar menyampaikan pidatonya.

Anwar boleh berbicara karangan Shakespeare, Confucius, Mohamad Iqbal, Rabindranth Tagore, Jose Rizal atau mendeklamasi puisi Rendra. Pada masa yang sama Anwar giat mempelopori Maqasid Syariah dan membentang kertas seminar Islam dan demokrasi di serata dunia.

Tidaklah menghairankan sebaik keluar dari penjara Anwar dilantik sebagai fellow di Universiti Oxford dan menjadi professor di Universiti New Hopkins Amerika Syarikat. Anwar juga dilantik penasihat ekonomi Qatar dan beberapa institusi perbankan di negara arab.

Elok juga saya mengingatkan Dr Mahathir bahawa Anwar yang cuba dibunuh karakternya oleh Dr Mahathir cuma manusia biasa. Hormat orang kepadanya bersebab.

Fitnah Dr Mahathir hanya “berhasil” di dalam kalangan Umno. Itupun bukan semua. Ramai kenalan saya di dalam Umno yang kini menduduki jawatan-jawatan utama dalam parti dan kerajaan mengakui hakikat ini.

Cuma yang tiada pada mereka ialah keberanian untuk berkata benar di hadapan pemimpin pencipta fitnah.
Bagaimana sebenarnya Dr Mahathir mahu diingati? Berkuasa selama dua puluh tiga tahun legasi yang ditinggalkannya ialah merosakkan institusi kehakiman, menekan kebebasan media, menyuburkan budaya rasuah, memunggah kekayaan negara menjadi kekayaan peribadi, memusuhi institusi raja-raja Melayu dan berkekalan memusuhi ulama.

Ketika Anwar masih terus dengan tradisi ilmu dan rapat dengan Dr Yusof Qardawi, Dr Tariq Suwaidan, Dr Wahbah Zuhaily, Dr Mahathir pula rapat dengan Ananda Krishna, Francis Yeoh dan Syed Mokhtar Bukhary.

Ketika anak-anak Anwar membesar dan membina kerjaya yang cukup sederhana, Dr Mahathir pula cemerlang membantu anak-anaknya mencipta nama tergolong kelompok mahakaya di Malaysia! Ketika Anwar terus berjuang membela rakyat, menolak politik perkauman, mengajak rakyat mencari titik persaudaraan, menuntut kekayaan negara diagih secara adil, Dr Mahathir pula kekal dengan gaya politik lama, usang, tidak pernah puas menimbun kekayaan dan penuh dendam kesumat.

Saksikanlah pada usia lebih 80an tahun Dr Mahathir terus menyerang Anwar tanpa henti. Tidak pernah ada tanda-tanda beliau sedar dan insaf perbuatan fitnahnya terhadap Anwar.

Pesanan buat Dr Mahathir, sesungguhnya Allah SWT menyayangi hamba-hambanya yang sentiasa bertaubat dan membersihkan diri. Sebaliknya Allah juga bencikan orang yang tidak mahu bertaubat dan paling dibenciNya ialah orang tua yang tidak mahu bertaubat. Doa saya agar Dr Mahathir tidak tergolong dalam kalangan jenis itu dan dibuka pintu hatinya. Amin ya Rabb.

Ahad, 15 Februari 2015

Keadilan - Penjara - Makahmah - Anwar Ibrahim

Apakah isunya :

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim :     Satu Fabrikasi lengkap yang terhasil daripada satu konspirasi politik untuk  menamatkan kareer politik saya 

Datin  Seri Wan Azizah :       kini tiada harapan untuk mendapatkan keadilan daripada pihak kehakiman.

Ilmuan Dr .Siddique Fadhil:    Isu yg kita kena ketengahkan ialah isu pemenjaraan DSAI, bukan ttg pensabitan salah beliau.

Hakikatnya, ia nya Isu Masa Depan Melayu dan Negara , Masa depan kecermerlangan anak Melayu yang akan ujud dimusnahkan oleh bangsawan Melayu. Anak Melayu yang cermerlang akan dipinggir dicantas , diketepikan kerana darah mereka dari anak Melayu kampong.   Sejarah Singapura dilanggar Todak tetap berulang , Jelmaan Patih kerma Wijaya ujud sehingga kini . Ini yang kita hadapi 

Tun Mutahir Tun Ali meminta keluargnya bertenang apabila dia menerima hukuman Sultan yang termakan Fitnah. Adakah ini sejarah Melayu Zaman ini, Sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak perlu ujud lagi dengan contoh sejarah yang kita pelajari.

Kesedaran perlu ada, buat hitungan berapa ramai Pemimpin kini adalah anak didik DSAI yang bukan datangnya dari suku sakatnya atau dari keluarga bangsawan dan elite yang merompak hak melayu . 
Siasat sejarah dan latar belakang mereka baik di PKR PAS UMNO mereka naik ke kemuncak dari Rakyat Marhien dicungkil dan dipertahankan peluang mereka oleh Anwar. Sedarlah Kau Mahyuddin dan Zahid

Sedarkah anda apa yang anak Melayu  sudah hilang, hilangnya pejuang merpertabatkan bangsa Melayu  

Ingat pembawa revoulusi pendidikan di Yayasan Anda , Ingat anak anak kecil Melayu fasih berdoa waktu makan dengan kurikulum Taska Abim 


Ingat anak melayu peluang kamu tertutup bukan hanya di jawatan Menteri 

Suku sakat dilantik KSU , Ketua Pengarah , CEO GLC dan beribu ribu jawatan lagi , bila Kepalanya BUSUK semuanya BUSUK 

Jangan biarkan mereka bangsatkan anak anak kita di tanah air kita 


Sejarah bangsa Melayu tercemar lagi dengan perbuatan jijik , meloyakan dengan menentukan kuasa elite kaum feudal Melayu umno ini di selamatkan

Kepimpinan Melayu terhebat masa kini, di Zaman  kita tak boleh sangkal  ujud dan ia menjadi ancaman pada suku kaum feudal Melayu yang tamak haloba dan kaya raya.

Percayalah usaha akan dijalankan bagi menghalang  Bangsa Melayu dari keluarga Marhein memegang tampuk pemerintahan No 2 boleh tapi setakat itu sahaja . Percayalah usaha akan dijalankan bagi memancung Mahyuddin ,Zahid apabila mereka mengancam kedudukan ini   Apalagi yang mengancam empayer mereka .

Anwar Ibrahim memulakan arus ini , ia membuka kesedaran kepada anak melayu bahawa hak mereka di tanahair mereka bukan diambil oleh bangsa lain tetapi oleh bangsa mereka sendiri . Dia boleh serta  memang menpunyai kewibaan dan sudah terbukti boleh membawa bangsanya ke arah kecermerlagan seperti Empayer Melaka pada ketika dahulu atau kecermerlangan yang akan orang Melayu kecapi apabila didalam dirinya ada sikap keislaman yang tebal dan mengambil sunnah nabi dalam kepimpinannya . Pernah ada sahabat sahabat lamanya mengatakan " Anwar tu nak jadi nabi "

Jelas pendiriannya mengenai Rasuah , urustadbir ekonomi , keputusan kolektif dan membina masyarakat par excellence

Frugality satu amalan beliau . Meritocracy yang beliau syorkan , Authoritarian dan oligarchy sangat ditentangnya sehingga lucutnya Jawatan Khalid ,

Beliau lawan dengan dasar Reformasi jelas satu Moral example yang dituntut

Namun kebangkitan beliau perlu dibendung bagi meyelamatkan harta pusaka kaum feudal Melayu yang merompak harta negara dengan  tindakan Zalim dan melanggar hukom hakam Agama .

Penjara tidak bermakna dapat menutup semangat perjuangan membebaskan anak melayu yang dijahilkan oleh kaum bangsawan ini

Sejarah menunjjukkan kita semangat perjuangan tidak pernah dapat dipadamkan dengan Penjara


PLUTOCRACY jelas meresap di kempimpinan Bangsa Melayu ini akan kita Lawan

EGALITARIANISM akan kita perjuangkan