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Rabu, 26 Mac 2014

PRK N 25 Kajang - Well its over and no change in status quo

One month of kempen full effort almost everyday but the result practically unchanged , Was the agresiveness  campaign really bring desire result

The answer can be yes can be no because the thruth nobody knows
Does the Malay community really split into half 50 -50
Result need to be analyze by saluran from 2004,2008 , 2013 and 2014

Does MCA gain a margin of honour the truth they have been humilated it is actually Zero Acceptance by the Sungei Chua Community

What happen to UMNO , well sorry to say UMNO seem to be non existense in Kajang , the answer is there is no goodies to be shared even their JKKK was on strike as allowances being stop in 2014


What a fuck up mind

It was actually PKR versus SPR and PDRM . Well PDRM does a great Job this time making the road Jam create a hostile atmosphere and u get 72% voting

Can PKR claim victory , I doubt it also

But its is something to be proud of when  they have the guts to get rid of a disgusting ADUN  who dont even deserve to be in PKR and throw back to the rakyat to make the decison , Maybe he will be the Ketua Cabang for PJ Sentral not Utara or Selatan

Well what will happen to the other 2 bird, killing 3 bird with One stone earlier is said to be a brilliant move by Tukar tiub but now he is telling me he is a bit sceptical. My Views is simple u dont create fronts in politic u create alliance

But what is the most significance and releven output need to be postmortem . The issue on is there really a incremental in the malay semi urban Vote. If there was what was the keynote , if there is not also it must be looked into . but how do we conclude a finding when the Vote was Tampered

And now the Second Bird definitely to be out , Social responsibility could never be by  building a profitable  organization , effienciency yes but not at the expence of neglecting social activities . if the best u can think of is Jom Shopping then something just not wright . If spending State money is not for the party then make it a point that part of the state money is for part of the selangor people who fought for a new managment


But whatever it is the One holding the POST should be the President of the party and i dont think the current President should be replace or at any cost be challenge by numbers

The next Prime Minister do no need the President Post to make himself indispensable

Generation Y


Generation Y

The generation of people born during the 1980s and early 1990s. The name is based on Generation X, the generation that preceded them. Members of Generation Y are often referred to as "echo boomers" because they are thechildren of parents born during the baby boom (the "baby boomers"). Because children born during this time period have had constant access to technology(computers, cell phones) in their youth, they have required many employers to update their hiring strategy in order to incorporate updated forms of technology. Also called millennials, echo boomers, internet generation, iGen, net generation.While characteristics of Generation Y members vary by region and cultures, often times they have an increased familiarity with communication, technology and media.

Rabu, 19 Mac 2014

PRK N25 kajang - Harapan Anak Muda Hulu Langat

Aturcara Majlis Muafakat
Harapan Baru Anak Muda Kajang
Stadium Kajang    20hb  Mac

9.30 mlm :                        Pendaftaran dan Pemberian T Shirt

10.00 mlm  :                     Berkumpul di Khemah bersebelahan Pentas

10.30 mlm :                     20 wakil anak muda Hulu Langat naik Pentas
Ucapan Ketua Wakil Muda  15 minit
Seruan dan Laungan Reformasi bersama Pemimpinan
Pemberian Cendrahati Pemimpin Kepada Ketua Ketua Anak Muda

Pengerusi Majlis :                 Shaiful Ariffin                  012 3797997
Urusetia  Majlis :                  En Abd Halim Abdullah    0176811858       
                                         En Leow Kian Toon         0192130533

Wakil Angkatan Muda :        En Arman Ramli             0126919020    
                                        En Asraf Mohd Soffrul     012 3767250
                                        En Adrol Izhan               017609 3064    

Rabu, 12 Mac 2014

PRK N25 Kajang - What do u know about kajang

Is kajang Voters are actually in kajang?
Is kajang resident are actually Kajang Voters
Is there a strong political movement in kajang?
Are the political leaders in kajang are actually political leaders accepted by kajang communities
Which community movement are the movers in Kajang?
How inclusive is NGO movement in Kajang

So kempen kempen kempen
So how do u get dollar per dollar value on Ur kempen
Expensive does not means effective, efficient and u get vote
And how u maximize ur effort
Is kajang Voters are actually in kajang?
If u lived and hang around in kajang for a month and move from one coffee shop to the other u will especially at 10 am and evening Tea at 4 pm or night super 11 at 12 midnight notice u are bound to meet the same person and the same group of people around be it in 6 months it is still the same familiar face
 So u can conclude only 5 % to 10 % of kajang folks are actually moving in the city of Kajang  .The population size of kajang is well above 350,000 now with Malays still the majority  60%
But the Total voter is only 10% of the population size so how u made priority in your campaign to target where is actually the voters. This is what the SPR has done manipulating the electoral list of N25 under the Gerrymandering concept

So how do you move in kajang for the KAJANG MOVE?
Get the Voters out to hear u
Go to the Voters to made they hear u
or get  the Daftar pemilih Digest it , zone it and get the jentera parti to move from, house to house  really get to the Voters but I doubt this will work for pengundi saluran 1 , 2 ,3 which practically only at home on Saturday and Sunday Time is essence here
Who is the Campaign Manager, does he need to be school by Kajang Folks
Well if u criticised the way they campaign effort u might be perceive to be a UMNO no matter how well ur intention are or u will get an answer “ it is politic “
So u don’t comment how they do it no matter how dumb it is, u just say is good and u will be in their good books , This is Kajang u know who is who , So u don’t tell them they are appointing Clowns in Ahli Majlis u will say “ O its only for a year “

So let’s get down to facts not ventilating your frustration

Where are the Voters

High tea bersama pemimpin luckily last for 2 weeks only.
Evening is to capitalizes to see the Voters in 1 hr with full of them around in one spot
The answer is school compound,
This is the Time you see parents picking up kids waiting at their car, if the Calon can move around at that time she needs 2 hrs not more to distribute pamphlet
She has practically 7 days to this at 7 school in Kajang

80 %  Kajang Voters  are working Class practically husband and wife they have their dinner either outside or take away , You can find mostly  the Malays will be having their dinner at 8 to 9  in the reasonable price eatery and identified hot spot especially Doll Tom Yam , Malle Classic and all  u need is the Calon to have Light dinner at this hot spot and identifies eateries for not more than 1 hr. You don’t have to pay their food just pay for ur food but eating what they eat means a lot to them. Taking break and seeing pengundi

Have breakfast and Lunch at hot spot that is what human do it is an impromptu action but actually that is what people talk about, Celebrities and famous people eating at their shop    

 Where is the busiest spot in Kajang?

-        The commuter Station at peak hours at  7.00 am to 9 .00 am and 5 pm to 7 pm this is of course omitted since it does not fall under any JDM in kajang but it is where Voters of N 25 are crowding everyday

-        Pasar I reserve my comment inside and out I know about Pasar kajang  I have been patronizing it for the last 22 years since I got married let’s keep a secret how things are the crowd does not double in weekends in became 5x larger but it is only catering for the middle class and above , The fish are fresh no doubt but the price it is slightly on the high side so u don’t see folks from kantan permai    
-        Friday prayers there was the best time to make DSAI presence it was proposed earlier to do his Friday prayers in Saujana Impian on a Public Holiday which will see the crowd over flowing on the road praying but due to some personal agenda this factor was not look into the good chage miss
-        The previous program was DSAI bersama kommuniti Cina / DSAI bersama Kommuniti India , Well luckily now it stop you don’t have to tell the whole world u r promoting racist agenda which u r actually not , Indicating place is good enough
-        So if u is trying to find Voters during the day at Taman Taman u will be frustrated the house is either closed or u r campaigning to the BIBIK. 90 % voters in Saujana Impian , Taman Mulia  , Puncak Saujana Akasha Indah basically within 10 years U would find nobody at home  during the day except weekends they mostly end up at the house during Maghrib prayers and have light dinner nearby that the reason u can see a lot of stall around but not porch eatery , So walking from stall to stalls is better bet than house to house and should be done at night
-        \Ceramah is a must but was it a good venue spot well from now I can say that is the best place they could have if they really need a good one they should have thought ealier to place their BGU strategically , Every guy in Taman Mesra Knows how sidek  kowtim  the sunshine band Did the ceramah gather the Crowd , surprisingly the answer is yes if you compare with PRU 13 and 12 anad moving spot by DM Bandarr Kjang is superb
-        Sungei Chua Dinner is nothing new if u would go to do a walkabout at night in sungei chua at night u will find the same crowd in the eatery and stall everywhere in Sungei Chua so RM 30 dollars dinner is worth it with the show
-        Well since a she replace the he the bookies are going for 10k above win is no more a win lose bet it is a placing bet  

 If u ask me did PKR really have a good strategy campaign  so far , i will then ask them how many  are the locals with 30 years in kajang are invited in the war room maybe just to give input who did previously organized and get the best ouput in kajang . this need to be ask first before asking where is the local . Well KC and the shunsine band group left with the drummer and singer how could you hope they could Top the Charts 

Who knows how many new township in every JDM , Sungei Kantan is not actually kampong how many new small township under Sungei kantan why u have 4000 over voters when you have not more than 2.5 k houses

 What is the nature of community in Taman Muhibbah , remember they bought the house way back in 1990 at 55K are they actually middle class 

What is the difference between Saujana Impian and kantan Permai or Taman Delima
Why was Taman Kota Cheras was not classified as kajang community but Voting in kajang 

Getting this answer the right man would be in charge of the JDM anyway 80% right is good enough

However   kajang will creates history with 80% passive voters the answer is yes. anad Maybe Selangor will create history being the first Women  Menteri Besar 

Tomorrow we will discuss is there a strong political movement in kajang? Are the political leaders in kajang are actually political leaders accepted by kajang communities which community movement are the movers in Kajang? How inclusive is NGO movement in Kajang