Selasa, 28 September 2010

One day Trip to Ipoh Perak 23 September 2010

Overnite Trip affair to Ipoh on Thursday after attending Hari Raya Open House Kementerian Belia & Sukan I shot of to Ipoh , Well somthings Just do not Change after 30 years . Its still the same when I was in Form 5 but next door the Hainan Rice Chicken  

Good News to be heard in Ipoh The new Royal Perak Golf Club is now own by SEDC the so called committe member is no more there . It now comes with the New CEO Tuan Damain told by one of the caddy Dinner at the Club at 9.30 pm . I told them I was the caddy in the 70s together with suffian Tan and Che Mat was the caddy master I deserve at least to dine here . The CEO was around and I made sure the security called him  Fair enough he came to my table and joint and pay the Bills. What a guy 

The Next day to Pejabat Tanah Kuala Kangsar with a borrowed Vehicle The new Honda Accord with the D plate did my prates in Masjid Negari . Meet up with Mior And Azmil 


After 30 Years

3 Oclock Train The Train so Cal ETS came 21 minutes late well old habit died hard

What is superv abaout gis train with fair hike at RM 30.00 on Trial Run

Well give it a try and i after cosidering the Factor pro con i conclude it is a con Job

Big send off by my Big Broder and Eddie the Kpg Melayu guy 

The Inside
The passengger they pick up in Batu Gajah stick to ypur numbered seat the train might be full

The Outside of The Train

The Scenery you might want to see the change and no change

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