Isnin, 3 Disember 2012

18 hours of Politics

2  DECEMBER 2012

7.30 am push off to Subang Ibu Pejabat keadilan Selangor

Leow Kian Toon ( Timbalan Pengerusi ) , Arshad Hashim ( Setiausaha ) and Ramly Atan (Course fasilitator) Bob is already around  at the nearby restaurant enjoying the Morning Tea

The Tutorial Kick off at 9.30 am

11,00 am left to Tropicana , Ibu Pejabat Keadilan for the Trip with Jelajah Bas Merdeka Rakyat to Perak

11.30 am Bus push off to Setiawangsa to attend one  of the Security Personel of DSAI , He was there earlier than the BUS and us . Shock his hand and whisked to IPOH

At about 2 .00 pm suddenly the Bus refuse to  move at Ladang Bikam at about a stick of ciggrates the Black Audi and black Toyota Camry was at the rescue,  Rahmang , Chan merdekarakyat ,Yus keadilan Daily and Me ( which is non priority) hope in to the two vehicle

3.00 pm reach Taman Pinjji Perdana Changkat Larang, The wedding of of Sri kandi Siti Aishah

 YB Abdullah Sani was there Dr Mohd Nor Manuty , YB Yunus , Mustapha kamil Ayobi  it was a yop kejor yop affair

4.30 PM move to Tambun

The Veiw from the upper deck of the Bus

Its 6.30 pm off to Jeram Kampar , the Bus just could not make it hopin to Amir car Timbalan Ketua cabang Ipoh Utara decide straight to Masjid Jamek Gopeng for the Maghrib Prayers ,

After Maghrib have Dinner with the whole Bus Crew at Batu Gajah it was on Rahmang Kak Zu did her Prayers on the Bus then move of to CENDERONG
Took a bath
Its kampong Baru Cenderong , I need a bath , Took a bath at the host house which i could clearly heard the Ceramah in the Bath Room , The Bus go to move Before DSAI finish

9.30 pm off to Langkap Reach langkap after a 50 minute Tour with the Bus , we have a durian feast with all the security personal a gift from Kak Zu from her in Law orchad in Taiping while the BOSS was giving Ceramah

12.30 to KL

Reach Tropicana at 3,30 am and reach home at 4.15 am and waited for the Suboh solat at 5.44 am

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