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Azmin Ali nafi akan ambil alih jawatan Khalid Ibrahim MB Selangor


Khalid Ibrahim nafi Azmin Ali ambil alih jawatan MB Selangor


October 27, 2013

It will sound better or  the headline should be

Azmin Ali nafi ambil  alih jawatan  Khalid Ibrahim MB Selangor

or will it be the news syndrom of BN  u deny it is true

But what is actually happening , who is building this momentum to make the Selangor Goverment  topsy turvy . 
Was there an effort to drop him earlier by the devious prediction that he will lose in Ijok but will make it in Port Klang . but that effort does'nt work . Put him in Semenyih I bet u he will win . and  be it UMNO or who ever that want him out obviously knew this guy could make a strong Victory in PRU 14  . You just could not outcast  him he click with the soul of Selangor Rakyat

He admit he is new in Politics but I'm  sure he is not a fool . he doesnt belief in Politic by perception neither does he belief that ADUN could achieve transparent, accountable and prudence by his standard in the Procurement procedure which they should not be involved. Director post is another issue

Some will like to persuade or maybe I can say lobbying on certain issue and fund but he knows enough to make them realized  value for Money earned and totally against corruption , which is only a rhetoric in many .

With  his many years experienced in financial scene in which I can say he has never been hands on with the subject matter of  Human Resources , maybe overseeing one but not really into it will increase much difficulty  in this rising Political Turmoil thus having his political aid also with no experience in managing more than 100 staff , I guess he will be shorthanded on this subject 

Where is the new Political Landscape that is much propaganda , will it become a jingoistic 
More rise and increase in budget ceiling , will that be the answer, more money for the ADUN maybe he will agree if the request is made by the  SOP using PPBS or OBA budgeting which could be measured instantaneous

What was the base of need in the Increaseof allocation to ADUN well maybe we will find out later, but one remain fact which I can say for Kajang  middle class Folks " Nothing Change" the slogan Jom Tukar or ubah its sound misnomer

 Any way what happen to this guy , I think Khalid knew what matters was the paycheck not the office I guess Malaysian Insider is Foggy on these. Malam malam ke Country Height bincang apa


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