Selasa, 27 Mac 2012

Pilihanraya Tiada jadi Kita ke jalanraya

Tuesday March 27, 2012

All eyes on September now

PUTRAJAYA: September has now emerged as a likely month for the coming general election with many arguments put up against the earlier speculation of June.
One contention is that several issues will need some time to be resolved. Then, there are the travel plans of the Prime Minister which seems to rule out the June polls.

Ha ha ha this is not ready , seat dispute , the support is peaking , problem resolved all of this is bull shit 
The main issu in Najib mind is How can i call the polls when i know i am going to lose  so when can i call the polls . we will do or die in the last minute so its going to be January. we sapu what we can for now 
Ha Ha ha   

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