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WHY WHY WHY - do u think rakyat selangor need to know the answer

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Azmin backs Khalid for MB

K Pragalath | May 11, 2013
PKR's No 2 expresses support for caretaker MB Khalid Ibrahim.

Alhamdullillah is over 
But personally I felt Azmin is fitter for the Job but i always belive he wants the Federal Ministerial post nothing less

FMT readers want Khalid as S’gor MB

K Pragalath | May 10, 2013

An overwhelming number preferred incumbent MB Khalid Ibrahim to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali for the state’s top position.

First we dwell into the parti structure :
Dont tell me the Cannot team up

there are 22 cabang ( division ) in Selangor which which is behind Azmin Ali 
every parti members guess is good as mine 

But my rating will be 3 type pro Azmin , Pro khalid of course the 3rd is lalang 

My good prediction  is 11 cabang will be with Khalid  6 with Azmin and 4 Lalang
One of course Pandan suspended
He kill me in keadilan let see wheather his sister will help me

Now 2 of Azmin Warior didnt make it in the ADUN line up . Semenyih, and Dengkil 
Well the Bukit Melawati and Permatang is a ?
The Kajang is not happy as he request for a Parliment seat
Sementa make it but i doubt she will have gartitude to  Azmin 

Where does the P 99 Gombak paly into picture well she is the playmaker 
 why is batu cave and Sri Muda with Azmin , of course they could not go with Khalid 

So all in all although Kahlid does not decide on Calon Adun but his loyalist is more than Azmin 

Well khalid has a way with PAS and DAP  So the question is Azmin knew this and he has never made and effort to put his feet in Selangor , if he wants the Menteri Besar post he should has done it 1 year back and ensuring the Unpopullar Ketua Cabang is with him 

So the question is he want the Menteri Besar Post is a mockery 

But there are other matters need to be Address 


What went wrong with Kota Damansara and Semenyih 
Who is responsible for this disputable standing which was not early sorted out 
What happen to Bukit Melawati and Permatang should Mani be in Ijok and Dr in Bukit Melawati well according to election data need a review How could Yahya Shaari fail thes my good guess is KENA TIPU

They knew about Kuang and they knew u cant have a last minute Ditch what happen 
Now there is a delima 3 seat to Chinese candidate then 3 seat to Indian candidates so Batang Kali big ?

Is this issue is Decoying the fact of under achivement 
Who is actually managing the Election Commitee for Selangor of PKR 

Azmin got to take care of Malaysian Parlimen Candidates have him the time to manage on Selangor Candidates So who is the player 
Is it Burhan or is he under orders directly with Azmin or Ketua Wanita Malaysia who got to take Care even Sabah ans serawak  

Was decision made earlier Democratic or autocratic 
Is there a failure in planning analyzing and coordinating
was there Paternalistic management

or it is a scenerioa of THE BLAME FIXER

But bear in mind
Things a Politician would never dream of doing:
  •     Actually being competent at their job
  •     Telling the whole truth
  •     Having achievement orientation on their own
  •     Working their way up the corporate ladder
  •     Not blaming a problem on a disgruntled follower
But it was never a TEAM BUILDER management  and Neither the Soft Heart Approached

Azmin persoal surat Presiden PKR

May 10, 2013
Beliau mendakwa surat dihantar Wan Azizah kepada Sultan Selangor dibuat tanpa sebarang perbincangan dan persetujuan bersama semua ADUN parti.

Jangan salahkan orang lain kerana kalah PRU 13

May 10, 2013
Amat berbahaya untuk melaga-lagakan suatu komuniti dengan yang lain, kata Concerned Malaysians dalam satu kenyataan media.

well the point what i trying to emphasis is dont blame the light if u are in the dark , fix the darkness to a better Brightness

Be focus is the cheating we need to terminate not Khalid

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