Selasa, 26 November 2013

Keuntungan melalaui Denda , ,Rakyat menderita

How does the bank made huge profit in Fee base income slaughtering the RAKYAT

Bank Charges Bank Charges Bank Charges

Although payment is made before due date they will still charge you the Late charges

Basiclly if you called the service centre they reverse the charges although reversal interest is charge on that amount and if you fail to call or to inform them of this unethical transaaction it is a profit , however they will tell you its a computer error , how true only BNM can verified

Just Imaging the charges could be made every Month in a year

To just Imagine the profit generated simple calculation

If 1 million  card holder is charge mistakenly for only 1 month out of 12  month RM 25.00 late charges

1 million card hoder will generated 25 million income per year for the bank from the RAKYAT

How do the RAKYAT can ensure this does not happen , well it is always classified as a small issue and I dont know who bothers about it

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