Rabu, 26 Mac 2014

PRK N 25 Kajang - Well its over and no change in status quo

One month of kempen full effort almost everyday but the result practically unchanged , Was the agresiveness  campaign really bring desire result

The answer can be yes can be no because the thruth nobody knows
Does the Malay community really split into half 50 -50
Result need to be analyze by saluran from 2004,2008 , 2013 and 2014

Does MCA gain a margin of honour the truth they have been humilated it is actually Zero Acceptance by the Sungei Chua Community

What happen to UMNO , well sorry to say UMNO seem to be non existense in Kajang , the answer is there is no goodies to be shared even their JKKK was on strike as allowances being stop in 2014


What a fuck up mind

It was actually PKR versus SPR and PDRM . Well PDRM does a great Job this time making the road Jam create a hostile atmosphere and u get 72% voting

Can PKR claim victory , I doubt it also

But its is something to be proud of when  they have the guts to get rid of a disgusting ADUN  who dont even deserve to be in PKR and throw back to the rakyat to make the decison , Maybe he will be the Ketua Cabang for PJ Sentral not Utara or Selatan

Well what will happen to the other 2 bird, killing 3 bird with One stone earlier is said to be a brilliant move by Tukar tiub but now he is telling me he is a bit sceptical. My Views is simple u dont create fronts in politic u create alliance

But what is the most significance and releven output need to be postmortem . The issue on is there really a incremental in the malay semi urban Vote. If there was what was the keynote , if there is not also it must be looked into . but how do we conclude a finding when the Vote was Tampered

And now the Second Bird definitely to be out , Social responsibility could never be by  building a profitable  organization , effienciency yes but not at the expence of neglecting social activities . if the best u can think of is Jom Shopping then something just not wright . If spending State money is not for the party then make it a point that part of the state money is for part of the selangor people who fought for a new managment


But whatever it is the One holding the POST should be the President of the party and i dont think the current President should be replace or at any cost be challenge by numbers

The next Prime Minister do no need the President Post to make himself indispensable

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