Sabtu, 9 Jun 2012

You need to sacrifice in ord er to succed

My last article was last Sunday 

One whole week u crack your head to make 
Mary parker follet theory work .

" The art of doing things thru prople "

"The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people,

but real management is developing people through work.

 — Agha Hasan Abedi

or refer to Peter Drucker ,or Lee icoca

Will all these work

One with title  ego ( sapa lu)  , the other with  an ego ( aku KC tau ) to work hand in hand is many fail to mend do u think you can 

U create achivement to them  is a problem , u make innovations they take it as commotion ,

How do you get them to work as a group with a  common stand 

There is a lot of trial and error and experiment 


It works when u make the whole group of people hate u and came to a common stand .

They need to prove they are a worthy senior citizen and a non sleeping statesmen

U make people look  fools at the right time unrealizing  it  and trying prove they are smarter and better 

 benefitted your goal at the end .

  With god  willing  they did deliver to their best result in 9th June, it may not be by my standard but its good enough to cheer up a friend who a least comprehend

When the state representative could have verify the fact did not do so,mislead ,misreprensentative and misnomer would creep in what the recomend

the thought still tinkle did they played politics to that extend 

 sabotaging to fail the occassion or just a desparado nerd shaken by thier issue  and  mistake they had  and uncertainty  making stupid move with unthinkable consequenses at hand to the extend sending fellows spying, corrupting decision making and influcing your man

If u cant fight  him alone take the whole group to fight him again and again

 But how could he lose when there is nothing he owned at the end  . only satisfaction be able to prove he can command

 How could he win with just 9 stick of satay and shirt at hand 

but to him

 Winning is making a guy start running and the others starts racing and chasing thats the plan 


sure enough the result will be positive  so god willing it works  

i just hope the jokers realize it and understand 



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