Jumaat, 5 April 2013

Calon calon Selangorku " Honesty is still the best policy "




Pentadbiran Selangor cemerlang tanpa pemimpin rasuah – MB

 (Oleh Norutul Ilham)

KUALA LUMPUR 5 APRIL: Rakyat Selangor perlu mengekalkan pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat jika tidak mahu negeri itu ditadbir pemimpin rasuah dan salah guna kuasa seperti pentadbiran terdahulu, kata Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.


But do we need to still keep the present guard 

The principle and practise is utmost importance in accountability and honesty beside the 3 E

The system of governence must have radical change in distribution of wealth of the state

What policies made the disparity of income and improve standard of living

Was the think tank - really a think tank define and applied in 1940 to the rand corporation by ford foundation

Dont tell as how much u made amd save like khir toyo did . Dont tell us u are not corrupted and u r an angel is for us to judge 

Tell us how much rakyat benefited

MBWe have remove the worst 5 years ago , telling us ur better then them is just telling us ur your result to be the best Car in Malaysia in the categeory malaysian made car

Can we have better or will we get better but going back to the worst (BN) is totally out of the question

Have the Honourable culture in the Public office Leave if u know u r not fit dont let the rakyat ask u to leave Safe the party morality

At least this JOKER knew what is corrupt practise

Code of conduct for Selangor

On another matter, Azmin said that the Selangor state government had issued a circular on Feb 19 to all state departments and state-linked and government linked companies on a code of conduct for a caretaker government.
Among others, Azmin said that Selangor would no longer hold its executive council meetings and its political leaders are barred from using the state office and machinery for political purposes.
“The state government had informed the state civil service to only implement policies that were introduced prior to the dissolution [of the state assembly].
“We also urged state public servants to remain neutral and professional at all times,” he said.
Azmin urged Barisan Nasional leaders to also follow Selangor’s lead on the matter and use state vehicles solely for official reasons.


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