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N 25 Kajang will win - change for the sake of change

Monday, April 22, 2013

'PKR might lose its stake in Kajang'

 New Straits Times

 Monday April 22

KAJANG: PKR might lose its stake in Kajang which would lead to them losing Hulu Langat and affect their hold in Selangor, said former PKR Kajang assemblyman, Lee Kim Sin.

Lee, or better known as Cikgu Lee, said PKR is suffering from factional politics and power hungry members that are keen to take over the Selangor state government.
"This should not be practised or be allowed to happen in a party. When I met with the Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, he could not tell me why i was dropped.
"In fact, he had no role at all in the evaluation process for the candidates," he said at a press conference here.

There is no basis in this forecast How can you make this kind of remark when u are not chosen .
You  should not make remark and comment Parti Action or decision since u have not involved in party matters since 2010 when u lost u fight  to become The " Ketua Cabang .

Decision  by Selangor Head althoug a practise of clear oligarchy is parallel and in consensus with the hope with Hulu langat Parti members 
You have not bring the motto for change as nothing is change in Kajang tell me what can u be proud of in Kajang electing the Ahli Majlis which does not function for the people
A practise to be exclusive and not promoting new and young leaders  but to ridiculed them

This is the Bunglow of one of your  right hand man Lee kai Meng is classified by Mpkj and Pejabat Tanah consultant for MARRIS project

This the new Bunglow of your very strong Ahli Majlis taking Care Lee Learn Eng of Development Application in Kajang
Since u have collected money for election in 2013 , 2012 ,2011 from rakyat returned it back or after election we will file a police a report and take u to court . This i promised i do if u still does not want to come back to the Parti 

 How much more u want to collect form Rakyat

Enough is enough Shut up and support u team mates 


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